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Our principles

Our principles

We do not only compete the educational mission but the students order.

We stand to the framework, which regulates our profession. We do everything to meet requirements of our customers.

Quality is our highest concern.

The quality of our lessons are very important for us.

We care always for a relaxed and inspired classes which supported any human being with any different talents.

Understanding for our customers

We meet our customers always positively without prejudice.

We treat our students always kind and patiently.

We are endeavored to have deep understanding for the problem our customers.

Structured education

We analyse always the level of the students and support them according to it.

The learning level is the basement for the planing the next steps

for the learning and when to schedule the practical exam. We book the appointment for the exam only when we are sure, the student would get the driving license at the first attempt.

That is because we have a pass rate which is above average.

Fair play is valid with us.

We never exploit the dependent relationship our customers.

The relationship to them are always respectful and with tact and sensitiveness .Our prices are appropriate and fair.

We are role models.

We are role models for responsible and environmentally driving in traffic. We take care that we show lawful and ethical conduct.

Further training of stuff

We train our stuff and ourself in professional institutes to be always up to date. We continue to increase our social skills and technical competence.

Friendly rivalry

We seek always collegial behavior. We abstain on negative expressions against other driving teachers and schools.

We never target customers with this practising. This would destroy the quality of the lessons.

We are sure that our principles are necessary, because these are the orientation for the treatment of the students and among ourselves, which is also increasing the traffic security.