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Supplementary Training Seminar (Reducing Points)(FES)


Before it is too late .Take the possibility to have supplementary training seminar for reducing one point on voluntary basis. Because with 8 points your driving licence will be confiscated.

Motorists can attend this seminar until they have already 5 points maximum and did not yet attend one the last 5 years.

The supplementary training course is separated in two sessions with four meetings:

The traffic psychological part includes two meetings of 75 minutes with a traffic psychologist.

The traffic educational part includes two meetings of 90 minutes with a driving teacher, who is a trained specialist.

After attending both parts you will get a certification, which should be submitted to the driving licence authorities.


Supplementary Training Seminar For Beginners

There is a probationary licence for two years for those ,who obtain their driving licence for the first time.

There are two groups of breaches the rules which can be serious offences (category A) or less serious offences (category B).

If you have done one infringement according category A or two infringements according to category B is happening this:

The driving license office will order you to attend a supplementary training seminar for beginners and your probation time will exceed to 4 years.

If you do not attend the supplementary course your driving will be confiscated.

What happens at an seminar?

There are two different seminars :

The conventional one :

One of the seminars are held in a group with 6 to 12 beginner drivers and have a fixed timetable .They have nothing to do with the theory lessons in driving schools.

The seminar is including four meetings for 135 minutes. Between the first and the second meeting ,you must drive with the driving teacher to get feed back for your driving.

The special seminar :

is held by a traffic psychologist.This is just for beginners who were driven with the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It is also held with a group of 6-12 beginner drivers and after a preliminary talk with the traffic psychologist you have 3 meetings of 180 minutes.

Call us, come along or send us a email ,so that we can advice you correctly.

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First -Aid Courses

We offer every 4 weeks a first -aid -course.

At a high demand also every week, so that we are able to keep the number of students little.

Every person who obtains the first time a driving permit need to attend a first aid course.The certification is to be given to the authority when you make the application.

The course includes 9 hours (1hour =45min.) and are full of fun.

You learn the knowledge and skills for being able to help in every case of need not just at the scene.

It is recommended to attend the first course every 3 years.

Due to the corona pandemic first-aid-training take place with only 10 participants. During the training you have to wear a mouth-nose-protection and follow the hygiene regulations.
The next courses take place as follows:

01.10.2021 4:30 pm

29.10.2021 4:30 pm

26.11.2021 4:30 pm

17.12.2021 4:30 pm

14.01.2022 4:30 pm

11.02.2022 4:30 pm

11.03.2022 4:30 pm

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FURTHER TRAINING (Weiterbildung *95)

Further education for truck and bus driver according to BKrFQG

Anybody who wants to be a professional driver must attend after getting the driving licence a further education (called Grundqualifikation) and must be tested in this. This basic knowledge will be tested at IHK but the training for this you must get from us.These are lessons of 140 hours.

Further the drivers have to attend regularly further education courses by every 5 years, of 35 hours.

You could also attend every year 7 hours further education.

*This is the number what you have registered on your driving licence.